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<aside> 💰 Welcome to what is perhaps the internet’s most meticulously-researched comparison of payment platforms and “creator monetization” platforms.

I created this guide after Gumroad announced that they were quadrupling their transaction fees. As a creator earning around $100k/mo selling Notion templates, I couldn’t justify my transaction costs going from $3,000/mo to $13,000/mo – so I started looking for alternatives.

This tool is the result of that research. It compares 40 different platforms (including all their different plans) in several dimensions, including:

On This Page:


There are two ways you can use this tool:

<aside> 💰 Platform Research

Click into any plan’s page to see additional details, research, and source links that may help you answer questions you have about it and its platform.

<aside> 💰 Revenue/Fee Simulations

Use the Revenue Simulation table (contained in the toggle below) along with the Fee View and Net Rev View to see estimates of what you’d actually pay in fees and earn as net revenue with each plan.

<aside> 💰 What Do I Use? [Tom’s Recommendation]

After doing over $1m in sales on Gumroad, my team and I moved to Lemon Squeezy in February 2023. I have now used the platform for over a month, and it is now my top recommendation for most creators of digital products and subscriptions.

Payments, Tax & Subscriptions for SaaS

My reasons for choosing this platform:

Payment Provider Plans

Payment Provider Plans

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