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Synced Blocks in Notion: Everything You Need to Know - Thomas Frank

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Basic Synced Block

The Inbox list below is contained in a Synced block. That block has been copied and synced to both of the Sample Pages below.


Sample Page 1

Sample Page 2

Synced Blocks Inside Other Synced Blocks

Outer Synced Block

Aw jeez Rick, we’re in the outer Synced block.

Inner Synced Block

More Outer Synced Block

It’s okay Morty, the inner Synced block just had Metric lyrics in it anyway.

Synced Block in a Template Block

The template block below contains two Synced blocks. First, it contains this block. This is the original location:

Synced Block 1

“He who questions his training only trains himself to ask questions.”

Here is a template block. It contains an instance of Synced Block 1, as well as the original version of Synced Block 2.

Duplicate this page, then click it to see how the Synced blocks inside behave.

Synced Block in a Database Template

Synced blocks behave the same way in database templates as they do inside template blocks: