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Getting Started with Ultimate Tasks

How to Create Recurring Tasks

How to Create Sub-Tasks

How to Transfer Your Tasks to a NEW Copy of Ultimate Tasks


Changelog + Upgrade Guides

3/17/23 - Next Due & Last Day Base Date Formula Fixes

5/6/22 - Automated Recurring Tasks Fix

3/25/22 - State Formula Tweak

3/16/22 - Better Recurring Tasks & More

12/8/21 - Advanced Sub-Task Sorting

3/29/21 - Cold Tasks

12/1/20 - Tomorrow View

11/12/20 - Timeline View

11/9/20 - Next Due Bug Fix

10/29/20 - Daily Tasks Archive

10/25/20 - Initial Build

Reference Docs

Formula Reference

Recurring Tasks Reference

2020 YouTube Task Manager Wiki

Ultimate Tasks Technical Reference

Demo Version

<aside> 💡 This version of the template includes dummy data that you can view as an example. Note that these demos are currently using an older version of Ultimate Tasks that doesn’t include the new features added in March 2022.


Ultimate Tasks for Notion [DEMO]

Ultimate Tasks for Notion by Thomas Frank | More Templates | Follow Me on Twitter